Breeder ID Application Explained

The Spanish Breeder ID Application can be filled out one of two ways:

  1. Use the form below to fill out your information. This is our preferred method because this sends  all of  your data to our mainframe and it is less data entry and opportunity for mistake.

If you are not comfortable with the above method, you are welcome to click on the following link: PRINTABLE PDF BREEDER ID APPLICATION to fill the printable form. You can photo text the application, send through phone text message, download and email, send through Facebook messenger, or mail your application to us. 828-329-5350 – Donna Marie Askew –– Donna Askew, 450 Fire Tower Road, Abbeville, SC 29620.

If you have questions please contact us. Once the application, Bill of Sale(s) and herd photo(s) are received and reviewed, you will receive a welcome email from our administrator which will also include the Breeder Guidelines, Guidelines for DNA Registration, and a DNA Spreadsheet. You will be listed on the website Breeder Lists. 

Breeder Information

  • We request all the information be provided. 
  • You have the choice to make it public or private on the website listing. 
  • We often mail information packets so your mailing address is required.
  • Breeders neglect to update contact information independently so we ask for updates annually.
  • Social Media and Website links will be listed if added to the application.

Herd Information

  • The accuracy of herd numbers is essential for the annual goat count. 
  • This information also assists in tracking genetics across the country.
  • We request the information on where original stock is purchased regardless if the goat(s) are no longer being used for breeding. At some point these genetics were included in your herd. We would like to know the Bloodlines if possible.
  • Without bloodline verification, the bloodline(s) should be listed as Pure Spanish Goat.

Copy of Bill of Sale(s)

  • We Ask for copies of Bill of Sales to help VERIFIY and track your Spanish goats. If you don’t have a Bill of Sale please send us an email.

Herd Photos

  • We ask that you send a couple of herd photos to help us verify your goats. To be clear, photos will not necessarily give accurate information because crossbreeding can show up generations later, but it can help us to eliminate obvious phenotypes that result from crossbreeding.

Scrapie ID

  • We do not require Scrapie Tag numbers. However, they are required by Federal Law anytime and for any reason a goat is transported off the Farm. Having your Scrapie tag number and/or Farm Id tag information helps us to track goats.
  • If your goats are not tagged please send us an email.


  • Website Verified Breeder Listing is Free.
  • DNA Registered and Certified Spanish Breeders are paying an Annual Breeder Fee of $30. Their added benefit is their contact information on the Breeder Map, A full page farm advertisement, DNA Registration and Breeder Certification Certificates are visible,  the credibility they lend to their herds as well as the knowledge that they are supporting the financial effort to Preserve and Promote the Pure Spanish Goat Breed.


  • By submitting this Breeder ID Application you are agreeing to the following:
  • I agree to sell only those goats as Fullblood Spanish that I am sure to the best of my knowledge are Fullblood Spanish.
  • I agree to provide my buyers with a completed and signed Required SGR Bill of Sale guaranteeing the information in good faith.
  • I agree to participate in the Annual Goat Count, “Contact” Housekeeping and Survey.
  • I agree to conduct myself professionally while selling, purchasing and communicating as a Pure Spanish Goat Breeder representing the Pure Spanish Goat Breed.

Online Breeder ID Application