For Sale

Registered and Certified Spanish Goat Breeders please list your FOR SALE information using this link: HERE.

Verified Pure Spanish Goat Breeders are able to list their available Verified Pure Spanish Goats on this Site. The only goats listed on this page are Verifiable as Pure Spanish Goats. Some of our Breeders have Registered Goats available but all goats listed on this page can be SGR DNA Registered.

Many of our Verified Pure Spanish Goat Breeders have other breeds of goats on their farms/ranches so make sure you specify that you want Pure Verifiable/SGR DNA Registerable Spanish Goats — not all “Spanish” goats can be Verified and/or SGR DNA Registered because their origins cannot be Verified. 

All Breeders are all listed on the Breeder List page.

Buyers seeking to use pure Spanish in crossbred herds are welcome, but we do not advertise or promote cross-breeding.

Reminder to buyers:

It is up to the buyer to do their homework when purchasing goats. Ask the questions you need to make sure the goats you are looking at are the goats you want to take home! Bloodlines, worming, vaccines, diseases, feeding, breeding style, kidding style, pasture management, and shelters. Make sure to get a signed required bill of sale in order to be one of our listed breeders.

This is a link to our REQUIRED BILL OF SALE FOR VERIFICATION. If you want to be a listed breeder make sure to print this BOS form and get your sellers to fill it out for you completely and sign it. Click to download a generic Bill of Sale.

Shipping is stressful for goats and their immune systems. Pregnant and freshly-weaned goats are under extra pressure. It is import to check them over when unloading and make sure they do not have a temperature. They are at risk for about four weeks. Keep your eyes on them and keep them separate from your herd. If they have issues then it should show up within four weeks. These suggestions are for your protection.

Goats for Sale:

Ohio: Buckeye Ridge Farm has billies available.
Please contact Lynn Semer at 330–466–1834
Posted March 14, 2021

North Carolina: Holcombe Orchard and Farm has billies available.
Please contact Stanley Holcombe at 919–345–9855
Posted March 14, 2021

Texas: Carroll Boys Farm has Syfan billies available.
Please contact Jim Carroll at 254–933–9349
Posted March 14, 2021

Virgina: Muddy Run Farm has Valera does available. Sire is Gold DNA Registered.
Please contact Rosa Puech at 202–257–0611.
Posted March 14, 2021.

Alabama: Duffy Livestock, LLC is dispersing a pure Kensing Herd. Does and Bucks.
Please contact Carl Duffy at 3346187360.
Posted March 14, 2021.

Tennessee: BelleVue has a DNA Registered Weinheimer and Kensing 2 year old billy available.
Please contact Wayne Parker at 256–479–1100 or at
Posted March 14, 2021.