~ Most Common Questions ~

Is the Spanish Goat Registry an Association

  • The Spanish Goat Registry (SGR) is not affiliated with any Breed Association or Other Registry.
    These associations and registries do not have the same mission, policies or procedures as SGR.
  • The Spanish Goat Registry (SGR) is not a Breeder Run Association. The mission of  the Spanish Goat Registry is to Safeguard the Genetic Diversity of the Fullblood Spanish Goat Breed through Preservation and Promotion in Partnership with SGR Certified Spanish Goat Breeders. The partnership consists of cooperation and conversation between SGLLC and the Certified Breeders to reach compromises that benefit the breed and the breeders. 
  • Oftentimes breeder goals and agendas are not necessarily in the best interest of Preserving a breed. For that reason, the intent of SGR is to ensure the integrity of the breed by putting the breed interests before the interests of the breeders if a conflict arises. However, what benefits and sustains a breed will in the long run benefit the breeder. SGR is honored to have so many breeder partners that are willing to put the breed first.
  • Breed Associations that are 501C (5) are beholden to the quorum vote of the managing board. The managing board can change the policies and procedures of the Association and thereby the policies and procedures of the Association Registry to meet the Agenda of the current managing board. The policies and procedures of SGR are set in stone to ensure the integrity of the Breed is not compromised by the will of the current managing board breeder agendas.
  • SGR will DNA Register goats sold by Current verified and listed breeders who provide a signed required Bill of Sale or any goat whose dam and sire are DNA Registered with SGR.
  • SGR is committed to safeguarding the genetics one goat at a time by tracking their history through the Required Bill of Sale, verifying their phenotype through photos, establishing baseline markers through their DNA Sampling that is run through the SGR Bellcurve, and Parent Verification through DNA Registration.
  • There are breeders that are not willing to reveal the source of their goats, submit DNA Samples for Registration, and who would rather cross breed their Spanish goats with other breeds to meet their individual goals. “Before you Buy ~ VERIFY.”
  • Spanish Goats, LLC owns and operates the Spanish Goat Registry (SGR), the Spanish Goat Gathering, and the Spanish Goat Roundup.

Why should I DNA Register my Spanish Goats with the Spanish Goat Registry?

  • The Spanish Goat Registry is not telling anyone to DNA Register their goats. However, we are offering all verified breeders the opportunity to participate in the Preservation and Promotional efforts of SGR.
  • Goats that are DNA Registered with SGR have been known to sell for a higher price than goats that are not DNA Registered with SGR.
  • The Spanish Goat Registry is intent on partnering with those breeders that value the Fullblood Spanish Goat Breed and want to ensure that it continues to improve and grow in population without cross breeding and breed ups with other breeds.
  • The Spanish Goat Registry is not interested in registering every goat that is born. On the contrary, SGR is looking to register those goats that are considered true productive Seed Stock Genetics.
  • The collective partners of SGLLC (parent company of the Spanish Goat Registry),  invest personal time to support and collaborate with breeders to ensure their individual success when needed.
  • SGLLC (parent company of the Spanish Goat Registry), spends a great deal of time and money promoting the Spanish Goat Breed through Facebook, the website, the Goat Rancher Magazine, and Live Goat Auction events.
  • DNA Registration of verified fullblood Spanish Goat Samples is a clear path to legitimize the breed and establish a genetic marker base for the breed.
  • DNA Registration and Parent Verification does bring confidence to the prospective buyers of Spanish goats. This motivates the buyer to pay a little more for this credibility.
  • DNA Registration is one way to ensure that the Genetic Diversity of the Fullblood Spanish Goat is Preserved, and is not diluted by cross breeding and breed ups with other breeds.
  • CAUTION: simply taking a DNA Sample and sending it for testing so you can say you did is not the solution. If there is no tracking and verification of the sample as Fullblood Spanish, or no forward moving use of the samples to establish markers and matching characteristics of the breed with the DNA Data, then the DNA Registration is useless. SGR is committed to following through on these steps to ensure the integrity of the breed.

What are the issues?

  • People confuse Spanish goats with “Goats born in Texas,” and “brush and brier” goats. This is a major stumbling block to breeders recognizing and respecting the Spanish goat as a breed.
  • Commercial producers are crossing large numbers of Spanish females with other breeds for commercial production. No one faults the commercial producers for wanting the mothering instinct, hardiness, and parasite tolerance of the Spanish goat in their herds. However, the market is being flooded annually with large populations of female offspring that are not fullblood Spanish being sold as Spanish. 
  • Traditional management practices of other breeds are detrimental to the desired characteristics of the Fullblood Spanish Goat. The genetic diversity and traits of the Spanish breed are highly adaptable to management practices. This necessitates education and support for transitioning breeders so they are not downgrading the genetics of their Spanish Goats.
  • Goat brokers are going to Sale Barns/Auction Houses and purchasing known Spanish culls and cross breeds and selling them as Spanish breeding stock.
  • The drive to create the ‘perfect meat goat,’ has enticed breeders to cross in other genetics for a little boost in milk production and/or faster growth and more gain. This will destroy the genetic diversity of the Fullblood Spanish goat if left unchecked.
  • The most serious issue is the 

What is the Solution?

  • The Spanish Goat Registry process of verifying, Tracking, DNA Registration, and use of the SGR Bellcurve is one clear solution.
  • Breeder/Herd ID numbers give us the information we need to track who bred the goats.
  • The SGR Required Bill of Sale lists the data we need to verify and track the individual goats and to ensure they belong in the SGR Database and are not culls, sale barn, auction house, or local radom farm goats.
  • Micro chips will greatly help us follow goats and support buyers to trust their purchases.
  • The SGR DNA Registration Certificate lists all the data that is needed along with the VGL number from UC Davis and a full side view photo of the goat.
  • A photo of your herd and a paragraph write up can be viewed on the site, facilitating a pairing of right producer to right buyer.
  • The Spanish Goat Registry assumes the responsibility of education through classes, guest speakers, articles, and source lists SGR offers.

How does registration work?

  1. Submit a Breeder/Herd ID Application, Signed Bill of Sale from the goat purchase, Current Goat Photos, and the $30 Annual Breeder Fee.
  2. Once the Spanish goat(s) have been VERIFIED and the Breeder Fee has been paid, then the steps for DNA Registration will begin.
  3. The Registrar will walk you through the whole process and give you everything you need to get the job done.
  4. Five DNA registered females and 1 DNA registered male meet the requirement for becoming an SGR Certified Spanish Breeder.
  5. The total cost for 6 DNA Registrations and the first year Annual Breeder Fee is $325.

Are you doing this to make a profit?

  • The Spanish Goat Registry was not formed for the purpose of making a profit. SGR was created to Safeguard the Genetic Diversity of the Fullblood Spanish Goat Breed.
  • SGR has been operating on a shoestring budget since its inception in 2017. 
  • The fee schedule was set to give all breeders an opportunity to participate. At this time SGR has the lowest DNA Registration Fees.
  • The Administrator/Registrar and SGLLC partners have been serving the Spanish Goat Registry as volunteers since 2017.
  • The growth of SGR is necessitating the need to raise fees and generate an income stream to sustain the grown of our DNA Registered goat population and the breeders who own them. However, SGR is not raising fees until October 1, 2024.