2022 Spanish Goat Gathering Sponsor Registration

Thank you for considering the opportunity to Sponsor the 2022 Spanish Goat Gathering.

The Spanish Goats, LLC Partners promote the Fullblood Spanish Goat Breed through educational and live auction events. We know these events help spread the word about the Fullblood Spanish Goat Breed that is on the Livestock Conservation Watch List and are in need of CONSERVATION. Safeguarding the Treasured Genetics of the Fullblood Spanish Goats is our primary goal. SGLLC achieves its goals in the following four ways:

  1. Education;
  2. Building a Spanish Breeder Community;
  3. DNA Registration, and
  4. Live DNA Registered Goat Auctions.

We are reaching out to our SGR Certified Spanish Goat Breeders to help carry the load through Sponsorship.

Benefits Include:

1/2 page advertisement in both event catalogs

Named Sponsors on all Websites, Facebook, Goat Rancher and Stockman Grass Advertising

Named on Welcome banner at both events, banner hanging at both events, breeder table at both events.

Breeder contact listing in the back the catalog for both events.

Thank you very much for Supporting the Conservation of the Pure Spanish Goat Breed!