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Spanish Goats, LLC has a clear Mission: Safeguarding Genetic Diversity of the Fullblood Spanish Goat Breed through Preservation and Promotion in Partnership with Spanish Goat Breeders.

    The Highest Standards Ensure Integrity:

–  Verification of Seed Stock.
 DNA Samples, VGL Copies, Bill of Sale and Goat Photos to VERIFY All Registrations.

–  Proprietary UC Davis VGL Record Account to ensure VGL Reports cannot be altered.
Anyone with access to a VGL Report within the UC Davis VGL SYSTEM can alter the data on a VGL Report. Our policy ensures that only UC Davis and the SGR Registrar have access to all SGR DNA Registrations.

–  Breed Standards.
Standards for a breed in conservation are different from standards for a breed in commercial production. SGR Standards are for the protection of the diverse genetic of the breed, and the characteristics of the breed.

–  DNA Marker Database for Continued Analysis and Evaluation of Breed genetics – SGR Bellcurve Program.
The fullblood Spanish Goat Breed is at risk of becoming a crossed Meat Goat for the purpose of commercial meat production profits. While the Fullblood Spanish Genetic will benefit any meat goat operation, the fullblood diverse genetic is in need of preservation. The SGR Bellcurve is just that tool that supports preservation.

–  A business structure that ensures the above policies and procedures will not be altered by the whim of the current board members. 
–  SGLLC is committed to partnering with Spanish Goat Breeders who are committed to Safeguarding the Fullblood Spanish Goat Breed — to this end SGLLC is a private LLC rather than a breed association ~ SGLLC is an organization that focuses on the needs of the breed and supporting the success of breeders.

Commercial ~ Conservationist ~ Seed Stock ~ & Hobby Breeders Welcome!

SGR Certified Spanish Goat Breeders

Committed to the Purity & Integrity of the Breed!