Listed Breeder Guidelines and Agreements

This Website is a Spanish Goat Breed Resource –– Educating, Tracking, Promoting, and Meeting the Needs of Fullblood Spanish Goat Breeders.

Spanish Goats, LLC (SGLLC)  is committed to all Fullblood Spanish Goat Breeders.
This website features a breeders’ list and for sale page for the benefit of Breeders and the convenience of Buyers.
Spanish Goats, LLC is a Certified Spanish Goat Breeder Partnership. SGLLC Partners have come together to ensure the financial, and leadership support, as well as the accountability and sustainability the growing Fullblood Spanish Goat Breeder Community needs to ensure the longevity and genetics of the breed.
SGLLC values the Fullblood Spanish Goat Breeder Community as Partners in Preservation and Promotion of the Fullblood Spanish Goat Breed and honors their voice in all decision making for the benefit of the FULLBLOOD SPANISH GOAT BREED. 

Mission and Purpose

Spanish Goats, LLC (SGLLC) holds as its mission to Partner with Fullblood Spanish Goat Breeders to Preserve and Promote the Breed through Verification, Tracking, DNA Registration, Live Auctions, and Education.
SGLLC is a Certified Breeder Partnership that owns and operates the Spanish Goat Registry with the support of an eleven member Certified Breeder voted Advisory Board and a five member Technical Advisory Board.
SGLLC is dedicated to safeguarding and preserving the traditional range–based Fullblood Spanish Goat developed in the United States as a sustainable and genetically diverse breed.
Verification of Fullblood Spanish Goat Seed Stock Breeders and an agreement among breeders to sell only those goats that can be verified as Fullblood Spanish Goats as “SPANISH GOAT.” (This does not exclude breeders from selling commercial goats on their farms and ranches).
The Verified Spanish Goat Breeder Community is a diverse array of livestock producers including Foundation herds, bloodline herds, commercial meat goat producers, conservation herds and hobby herds.
Spanish Goat Breeders who choose to become a listed Verified Breeder on the Breeder List Page, DNA Register Goats, and participate in any other endeavors promoted by SGLLC agree to uphold this mission. 

Annual Breeder Fees

  • All Listed Breeders are charged an Annual Breeder Fee to support the efforts of SGLLC that benefit the entire Fullblood Spanish Goat Community.
  • Breeders who choose to DNA Register pay an additional fee for the maintenance of their registration documents and pedigrees.
    Certified and Lifetime Breeders receive the additional benefit of eligibility to be an invited consignor at the Annual Live Goat Auctions, opportunity to Sponsor and Advertise in all SGLLC Promotional Events, participate in the Spanish Goat Index, On–Site Buck Testing Program, and the Annual Spanish Goat Issue of the Goat Rancher Magazine.
  • All Breeders agree to pay their annual fees upon receiving an invoice.

Required Bill of Sale

  • Each Verified Spanish Goat Breeder agrees to sign and offer their buyers a Required Bill of Sale in order for their buyers to become a Verified Listed Breeder, to DNA Register the goats. and become an SGR Certified Breeder.
  • Each Breeder agrees to sell as Fullblood Spanish only those goats that can be verified (Verification includes a Required Bill of Sale signed by a Verified Spanish Breeder with each ear tag listed.
  • Each Verified Breeder agrees to sign and guarantee their Required Bill of Sale.
  • Failure of Verified Spanish Goat Breeders to use the provided and Required Bill of Sale when selling to a breeder REQUESTING Verifiable goats will result in removal from the SGLLC Resource Website Breeder List.

Breeder/Herd ID Application ~ Accurate Data ––

  • Each Verified Listed Breeder agrees to provide the required following information:
  • First and Last Name
  • Farm/Ranch Name
  • Mailing Address (Not Published)
  • Telephone Number (Not Published upon request)
  • Email Address of Breeder
  • Website, Facebook, MEWE pages will be listed if desired.
  • A Herd Photo of goatsº.
  • Breeder/Ranch of Origin of original Breeding Stock. This includes females, males and kids purchased.º
  • Accurate Bloodline information. When in doubt goats will be considered Pure Spanish Goats.º

º Required information for DNA Registration.
Verified Breeders determine what information is listed on the SGA Breeder List. Failure to provide complete and accurate information for the management of the Verified Breeder database will result in removal from the Breeder List.

  • Breeders who complete the information request will be listed on the SGA Breeder List and are eligible to Sell their Fullblood Spanish Goats on the For Sale Page.
  • Breeders who complete the required DNA Information will receive a Breeder/Herd ID number signifying to potential breeders their goats are eligible for DNA Registration with the Spanish Goat Registry.

Purity of Spanish Herd

  • Each Verified Breeder agrees that purchasing goats from unknown origins and non-verified breeders does not support the Mission to Safeguard the Spanish Goat Breed Genetics (Occasionally isolated populations of Pure Spanish Goats are brought into the breed list after the Verification process is completed).
  • Unknown origins and non-verified breeders would include purchasing goats from Goat Brokers who are not Verified, Sale Barns, Auction Houses, Craigslist, Facebook and other such sources.
  • Goats Auctions that offer the SGA Required Bill of Sale signed by the Verified breeder/consignor are acceptable (Providing the goats are being Consigned by the Verified Breeder and the Goat(s) are SGR DNA Registered).
  • Each Breeder agrees to sell as Pure Spanish only those goats that originated from Verified sources/genetics –– without crossing in non–verified source goats.
  • If a breeder has other breeds of goats or goats of an unknown origin on their premises, the breeder agrees to sell only those goats as Pure Spanish that can be Verified as such.
  • If Verified Breeders are selling goats that cannot be Verified as Pure Spanish the breeder agrees not to put those goats on the Required Bill of Sale.

Annual Pure Spanish Goat Count and Breeder Contact Information Update

  • Each year SGLLC will send out an Annual Pure Spanish Goat Count and Breeder Contact Information Update request by email and/or postal service.
  • Verified Spanish Goat Breeders are required to respond within thirty days (30). Failure to respond will result in removal from the Verified Breeder Listing.

Spanish Goat Breed Bloodlines

  • The Spanish Goat Breed is a collection of over 16 distinct Bloodlines or Strains of Spanish goats.
  • The Spanish Goat is a local landrace breed and has variations between foundation sources.  Foundation goats and bloodlines have been established through investigation and evaluation of herd history and external type.
  • Each bloodline has provided a basic description of their bloodline’s most common characteristics. Many factors influence the genetic diversity and adaptability of the Spanish Goat including the bloodlines and their specific characteristics, the management practices of the breeders, the climate regions the goats are raised in, and the variations that result from blending the foundation bloodlines.
  • As a result it is not feasible to establish a prescriptive breed standard for the Spanish Goat, SGR relies on a descriptive approach.
  • Useful descriptors include size and set of ears, horns, facial profile, weight, height, color, and degree of cashmere development in winter.
  • Important traits also include adaptability, range utility, fertility, longevity, and temperament, although these are more difficult to measure and describe.
  • When selecting for the best Spanish goats genetics it is important to ensure a proper bite, 2 clean teats, two symmetrical and low hanging testis with no more than 1/2″ split (no split is preferred but years of breeding in some herds this has not been selected against).
  • Forward facing ears that hold a horizontal stance and horns that twist to each side.
  • The feet should be examined to display a solid base on all four free of any leaning, extended or curled under hoof growth.
  • The lines of the back and bottom belly should be parallel and the tail of the goat should sit tight on its hind end.
  • The flesh of the interior eye should be a strong pink color and the gait and muscle structure of the goat should be considered athletic.
  • Forage raised goats will be leaner than grain fed goats, however, they should present a solid body condition.

For a complete history and description of each bloodline:

Evidence of Crossbreeding

  • The width, length and bend of the ear can be signs of cross-breeding as well as thickness of the horns, and profile of the nose.
  • Spanish goats have a distinct gate and body posture.
  • It is difficult to tell from photographs the origins of a goat’s genetics.
  • Oftentimes the physical evidence of crossing does not show up until later generations. SGR is committed to tracking the origins to legitimize the Spanish goat breed. We acknowledge we may let a few goats that are pure Spanish get by but we are more sure that we will keep cross-breeding out of the gene pool. The commitment of all pure Spanish goat breeders to stick with known origins and cull any signs of cross-breeding will ensure the genetic diversity and longevity of the Pure Spanish Goat Breed. 

Steps to DNA Registration

  • In order to ensure the integrity of the Spanish Goat Registry (SGR) each goat undergoes a verification process to determine its eligibility to be DNA Registered as a Pure Spanish Goat.
  • Breeders agree to submit a completed DNA Spreadsheet, full side view photo of the goat(s), DNA Sample and Registration fees in order to  DNA Register their goats.
  • Breeders are issued a Digital and Mailed copy of their SGR DNA Registration Certificates.
  • Breeder who choose to submit 5 female and 1 male DNA sample will be eligible for SGR BREEDER CERTIFICATION.
  • Each goat that is SGR DNA Registered is listed on the List of Registered Goats.
  • Each SGR DNA Registration Certificate can be viewed.
  • In order for a goat to be SGR DNA Registered as a specific bloodline SGR must be able to verify the accuracy of the information — otherwise goats will be SGR DNA Registered as a Pure Spanish Goat.
  • Parentage is tracked through SGR DNA Registrations only.
  • SGR does not accept Registrations from other Registries.
  • SGR ensures that each sample has been rigorously verified before being entered into our UC Davis sample database – thereby giving the breeder, buyer and seller the confidence that is needed to ensure the integrity of each goat being sold as a DNA Registered pure Spanish goat.

Semen, AI & Embryo Transfer

  • SGR breeders may choose to collect semen and/or produce embryo transfers.
  • These are powerful tools, and can be used for effective breed conservation but can also be detrimental to the breed’s genetic diversity.
  • Breeders who choose to collect semen or flush females for embryo transfer are required to register their straws and embryos for DNA Registration of offspring before the embryos or straws are sold or implanted/inseminated; otherwise offspring will not be registered.
  • 30 Embryo Transfer offspring DNA Registrations per Doe per that Doe’s lifetime (Natural births not included in this limit of 30 offspring DNA Registrations). Embryo transfer offspring must be registered prior to breeding (by six months of age) for any offspring of embryo transfers to be DNA Registered.
  • Disclosure must be made at time of sale that embryos or semen have been collected on the goat(s) being sold.
  • Any producer attempting to register offspring from either embryo transfer or artificial insemination without prior certification will be removed from the SGR Registry and all goats bred by this particular breeder will not be registered.

For Sale Listing

  • All Verified Listed Breeders who have a Herd ID are eligible to have their available Pure Spanish Goats listed for sale on the for sale page.

Breeder Agreements

  • By participating in the Spanish Goat Registry Breeders Agree to the following:
  • I agree to participate in the Annual Goat Count, “Contact” Housekeeping and Survey.
  • I will offer my sellers a Required Bill of Sale and sign and guarantee the information in good faith.
  • I will conduct myself as a member in good standing while selling, purchasing and communicating as a member of the Spanish Goat Association and/or the Spanish Goat Registry.

Advertising and Promotion

  • Spanish Goats, LLC has a budget for Advertising and Promotion.
  • Partners and Board Members will determine the Annual Advertising and Promotional Activities.
  • All Verified Breeders are invited to suggest Advertising and Promotional Opportunities.

SGA Certified Breeder Advisory Board

  • 11 SGA Verified Breeder Advisory Board Member seats to be filled by Certified Breeders.
  • The Advisory Board is nominated, voted on and filled by SGA Verified/Certified Breeders (Excluding SGLLC Partners).
  • The Advisory Board term of service is two years. There is no limit to the number of terms a member may serve.
  • The Advisory Board meets with the SGLLC Partners for at least one Annual Meeting (September/October Annually).
  • SGA Breeder Advisory Board and Verified Breeders are invited to include Agenda Items for the Annual Meeting of the Board.
  • SGA Breeder Advisory Board Members are listed on the Contact Page and Under their Contact Information on the Breeder List.

Technical Advisory Board Members

The following university professors are experts in the field of small ruminant production and management. We appreciate their willingness to share their expertise in supporting our efforts to Safeguard the treasured Genetic Diversity of the Pure Spanish Goat Breed.

Verified Spanish Goat Breeders owe Gratitude to the five following University Professors: