DNA Registry Guidelines and Procedures

The purpose of the Spanish Goat Registry (SGR)  is to create a DNA database of Fullblood Spanish Goat Breed genetics by bloodline and individual herds across the United States. The DNA Registry does not ensure the quality of the goat being Registered or the Breeder registering the goat.

DNA Policies and Procedures

  • In order to ensure the integrity of the Spanish Goat Registry (SGR) each goat undergoes a verification process to determine its eligibility to be DNA Registered as a Pure Spanish Goat.
  • Before submitting DNA Samples a breeder must submit a Breeder ID Application and receive a Breeder ID Number.
  • Once a Breeders has been issued a Breeder ID Number they are qualified to submit a completed DNA Spreadsheet, full side view photo of the goat(s), DNA Sample and Registration fees in order to  DNA Register their goats.
  • Breeders are issued a Digital and Mailed copy of their SGR DNA Registration Certificates.
  • Breeder who choose to submit 5 female and 1 male DNA sample will be eligible for SGR BREEDER CERTIFICATION.
  • Each goat that is SGR DNA Registered is listed on the MASTER LIST OF DNA REGISTERED SPANISH GOATS.
  • Each SGR DNA Registration Certificate can be viewed.
  • In order for a goat to be SGR DNA Registered as a specific bloodline SGR must be able to verify the accuracy of the information — otherwise goats will be SGR DNA Registered as a Pure Spanish Goat.
  • Parentage is tracked through SGR DNA Registrations only — unless DNA Registered parantage data is not included on DNA Registration Certificates.
  • SGR does not accept Registrations from other Registries.
  • SGR ensures that each sample has been rigorously verified before being entered into our UC Davis sample database – thereby giving the breeder, buyer and seller the confidence that is needed to ensure the integrity of each goat being sold as a DNA Registered pure Spanish goat.

Requirements and Steps for DNA Registration

  • Completed Breeder ID Application.
  • SGLLC Issued Breeder/Herd ID Number — once the Breeder and the goats are verifed, SGLLC will issue a Breeder/Herd ID Number.
  • Goat bred by a Verified  Spanish Goat Breeder — oftentimes breeders have collected goats and cannot remember or do not have documentation as to the origins of the goats — these goats will not be DNA Registered.
  • Goat verified through Required Bill of Sale, ear tag, and full side view photo – if for some reason this is not possible please contact the SGR Admin.
  • Completed DNA Spreadsheet — the breeder is fill the information on the DNA Spreadsheet. The data will be found on the Required Bill of Sale. If a Breeder is having difficulty with this the SGR Admin will gladly assist.
  • Breeder Fee, Shipping and DNA Registration Fees paid in full along with a completed DNA Spreadsheet prior to shipment of DNA Sample Kits.
  • DNA Kits are Shipped with Complete Instructions.
  • Breeder receives kits, inserts microchips, collects tail hairs in provided envelope, takes full side view “show quality” photos.
  • Completes any missing data from the DNA Spreadsheet.
  • Breeder ships the DNA Spreadsheet and Envelope samples using USPS Priority Mail back to SGLLC.
  • Breeder to text the tracking number.
  • SGR submits the samples to UC Davis and pays UC Davis testing fees.
  • Once the results are received from UC Davis the goats are issued a DNA Registration number.
  • The Breeder receives a digital copy of the DNA Registrations and UC Davis VGL. The sealed DNA Registration Certificate is mailed.
  • All DNA Registered goats are listed on the SGLLC Website and can be viewed and a copy can be printed.

SGR Registration Fees of Individual Goats

  • DNA Registration Fee for a single Goat — $45 ($30 UC Davis Testing Fee and $15 Administrative fee)
  • $20 Shipping and Handling per Package Sent (up to 40 kits)
  • Annual Breeder Fee — $30

SGR Registration Fees for SGR Certified Breeder

  • DNA Registration for 5 Females and 1 male — $270
  • Shipping of Kits: $20
  • Includes Hard Copy Individual DNA Certificates and Breeder Certificate

Payment and Shipping of Samples


  • DNA Kits will be shipped to the Breeder once the goat(s) have been verified and payment is received.
  • Payment can be made by mailed check or through PayPal — a 4% PayPal fee is added to the invoice. 
  • Once collected, the DNA Samples and completed DNA Spreadsheet are shipped Priority USPS Mail to the provided address.

Offspring of DNA Registered Goats


  • When DNA Registering offspring of DNA Registered goats, make sure to list the dam and/or sire DNA Registration number.
  • All DNA Registration steps are the same.
  • Goats whose Dam and Sire are DNA Registered will receive a DNA GOLD Registration Certificate.
  • Goats whose Sire is DNA Registered Gold (But Dam is not registered) will receive a Silver Certificate.
  • Goats whose Dam and Sire are not registered will receive a Bronze Certificate.
  • Parentage is not recorded on the DNA Certificate if they are not DNA Registered – However breeder is listed.

DNA Registration Classifications

  • Bronze — Goat Dam and Sire are not DNA Registered
  • Silver — Goat Dam or Sire is DNA Registered
  • Gold — Goat Dam and Sire are DNA Registered

SGR Certified Spanish Breeder


The purpose of Breeder Certification is to encourage new Breeders to purchase a starter herd of 5 DNA Registered females and 1 DNA Registered male. This ensures the new breeder can be confident of their starter seed stock. In Addition, this gives SGLLC a diverse sampling of Herds across the United States.

  • SGR Certified Spanish Breeder Certificates are issued to those breeders who choose to submit  5 verified female DNA samples and 1 verified male DNA sample .
  • SGR Gold Certified Spanish Breeder Certificate — all six goats are DNA Registered with Gold Certificates (Dam and Sire of all goats listed on Breeder Certificate are DNA Registered or were purchased prior to April 1, 2021 from a Foundation Breeder).
  • Once a member has a total of five female and 1 male individual goat DNA Registration on file with SGR, a member may purchase an SGR Certified Breeder Certificate for $10 if the Certification process was not done all at once.

Semen, AI & Embryo Transfer


Artificial Ingemination and Embryo Transfer are powerful tools and can be used for effective breed conservation. However, they can also be detrimental to the breed’s genetic diversity. SGLLC tracks AI and Embryo Transfer to ensure the Needs, Integrity and Diversity of the Pure Spanish Goat Breed.

  • SGR breeders may choose to collect semen and/or produce embryo transfers.
  • Breeders who choose to collect semen or flush females for embryo transfer are required to register their straws and embryos for DNA Registration of offspring before the embryos or straws are sold or implanted/inseminated; otherwise offspring will not be registered.
  • Disclosure must be made at time of sale that embryos or semen have been collected on the goat(s) being sold.
  • Embryos can only be fertilized with semen from males that are owned by the breeder — embryos may not be fertilized by purchased semen.
  • Any producer attempting to register offspring from either embryo transfer or artificial insemination without prior certification will be removed from the SGR Registry and all goats bred by this particular breeder will not be eligible for SGR DNA Registration.