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Partners in Preservation and Promotion of the Spanish Goat Breed:

Spanish Goats, LLC Administrator: Donna Askew,

Spanish Goat Association Certified Breeder Advisory Board
SGR Certified Spanish Goat Breeders are eligible to be nominated and voted on by the Spanish Goat Association Verified Spanish goat breeders (SGLLC partners not included) to serve a two year term as an Advisory Board Member to Spanish Goats, LLC.

Janet Bush, AmBush Farms, OH,

Jared Combs, Quarter Lane Farm, IN,

Michael Kissire, Middle Valley Spanish, TX,

Zane Luke Manley, Hanging M Ranch, OK,

Nathan Marker, Plum Creek Ranch, KS,

John Moody, JSM Farms, IA,

Dayn Pullen, Noelke/Wilhelm Ranch, TX,

Cody Riggins, Grindstone Goat Company, TN,

Dustin Townsend, Edgebrook Spanish Goats, TX,

Johnny Wells, JPW Ranch, OK,

Randy Wood, Rocking Chair Ranch, TX,

Technical Advisory Board Members:
The following university professors are experts in the field of small ruminant production and management. We appreciate their willings and expertise in supporting our efforts to Safeguard the treasured genetic diversity of the pure Spanish Goat Breed.

Dr. Kenneth Andries, Kentucky State University,

Dr. Richard Browning, Tennessee State Univerisity,

Dr. Steve Hart, Langston University,

Dr. Reid Redden, Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center @ San Angelo,

Dr. Phil Sponenberg, University of Maryland / Virginia Tech Veterinary School of Medicine,

The Spanish Goat Association will forever owe a debt of gratitude to Leslie Edmundson. If not for the undying commitment, passion, and diplomacy that Leslie humbly and generously gave the Spanish goat breed would be in peril. Thank you Leslie and may you rest in peace knowing that we are committed to safeguarding the genetic diversity of the pure Spanish goat breed.